Please join us this Wednesday

…for the last Academy Lecture this semester still in the topic of entanglement and exploring other ways of knowledge:

a lecture on bears, ecology and the divide between nature and culture to get rid of (as well as a web of representation/conspiracy and delusion or a “private” reality)

With our tools of imagination, poetry and geology looking  beyond the flattening of positivism, ideology, the hyper-inflation of romanticism, New Age projection, and the persistent error that nature is not only something other than us but also something that opposes culture and technology.

As human centered perspectives on the planet exhausted other ways of knowing and acting have come more ino focus and importance for artists especially a knowledge not only based on language but a knowing that is situated between species, between natural and human entities, between science, art and poetry as well as religion.

More to follow soon.

Susanne M. Winterling

May 11, 2015
Written by Academy Lectures

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