Program Autumn 2014/Spring 2015

Clouds, Blindsight: The entanglement
«If you fake the funk your nose will grow»*

This somewhat strange title reflects this academic year’s Academy Lectures and takes on traces from the last two years, but this year focusses more on following practices, tendencies and concerns between art, science and knowledge. What is the synergy between culture and nature? Material and network? Knowledge and power? Body and space? Technology and subjectivity?

Does art produce its own kind of “knowledge” and is that necessarily critical or material? What happens with these dynamics?

Neither nature nor culture are ahistorical or timeless: Narratives and language intervene with matter.

Why is it important to look, taste, touch, play and entangle this in our networked, cloudy times while we are transformed and are transforming our ecosystem and technology?

(*Quoting Steve Shaviro via Bootsy Collins and Karen Barad.)

Program Spring 2015

21/01: Michael Stevenson

11/02: Boris Buden

21/02: Elizabeth Povinelli

11/03: Sarah Rifky

18/03: Rabih Mroué – Cancelled

08/04: Gitte Villesen

13/05: Jason Wirth


Program Autumn 2014

03/09: MYCKET and FRANK

05/09: Viktor Misiano

01/10: Natasha Ginwala

08/10: Céline Condorelli

22/10: Tyler Coburn

06/11: Karl Holmqvist and Ei Arakawa

19/11: Jan Verwoert

September 8, 2014
Written by Academy Lectures