11/09/2013: Warren Neidich

"The Cacophony of Memory", Warren Neidich, 2013. Video still.

“The Cacophony of Memory”, Warren Neidich, 2013. Video still.

The idea of artistic research is a hot topic today, especially in our moment of the information economy and intellectual speculation. The problem is that the word research is bound to specific scientific and reductionist connotations that are connected to its specific methodologies which are at odds with the way art is made. In the lecture entitled “Trans-thinkng: Artistic Research in the 21st Century” Neidich will use five examples of his own performative art production created in the four past years to elucidate a thick understanding of the power of the Artistic Method.Warren Neidich is an American Berlin based interdisciplinary artist whose socially engaged practice explores the interfaces between super objects that capture the mind’s attention in dynamic interactive ways as a means to investigate the new conditions of cognitive labor in the information economy.

Recent awards include The Fulbright Specialist Program, Fine Arts Category, University of Cairo, 2013 and The Murray and Vickie Pepper Distinguished Visiting Artist and Scholar Award, Pitzer College, 2012. Selected exhibitions include The Whitney Museum of Art, New York City; P.S.1, MOMA, Long Island City; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Ludwig Museum, Koln; Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo; IASPIS, Stockholm and Kunsthall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. He is co-editor of “The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part 1”.

November 11, 2013
Written by Academy Lectures